Powering Tintorería

El Cielo de Miami

Textile installation for The Sabah Dealer at The Standard, Miami, 2019.

We were invited to design a Textile installation for The Sabah Dealer popup residence at The Standard Miami. From my previous visits to Miami I was always mesmerized by the colors of the sky in the Magic City, from sunrise to sunset there was always a color game happening above my head and upon my eyes.

50 yards of fabric, silk, cotton, linen, hemp and a pair of Sabah shoes.

We turned the white fabric into a colorful range of different shades using indigo, marigolds, onion skins, avocado pits, cochineal, and madder root to mimic the Miami’s sky from sunrise to sunset.

Using different fabric constructions, weights, textures, the natural light and the Miami breece we created a vibrant installation that welcomed the Sabah Customers with a natural flow that made their shopping experience even more special.