Powering Tintorería

Armory Show

María Romero Studio was invited to give color to Colonia Verde’s Food Court space at The Armory Show, 2019. Under the Creative Direction of Maud Lerayer (Behind The Hill) & Mavena Botanica ( Vanessa & Meghan )

Using onion skins from Colonia Verde’s kitchen food waste we dyed eight cotton hammocks and 30 yards of cotton rope in different yellow/green shades to be suspended from the ceiling above the tables of the seating area. 

Live plants were placed inside the hammocks, creating a green experience that offered The Armory Show visitors an enjoyable and refreshing lunch break before getting back to more art. We also dyed six cotton market bags, using madder root, indigo, cochineal, avocado pits and onions. The mesh market bags were hung along the wall in the self service area of the food court, giving a color scheme to the space that recalled freshness.