Garden Pleasure

This project is an inhabitable scenography of seven ‘figures’ sustaining a gathering space and a framework for engagement with the New Haven arts community.
Over the course of two months, collaborating artists and community partners will develop the space through a series of treatments in, of, and around this analogical garden.

The cast of participants included local art and educational organizations, students in the Yale Schools of Music, Drama, Art, and Architecture, graduates of these programs, and other independent contributors with connections to New Haven. Between events and performances, the scenography and seasonal treatments rest, inviting visitors to shed normative gallery behavior and explore, inhabit, rearrange, and play with the flexible elements of the garden. The piece is designed and organized by Daniel Glick-Unterman (M.Arch ’17), Ian Donaldson (M.Arch ’18), and Carr Chadwick (MFA ’17). (2019)

María Romero Studio, was invited to create flexible, soft and explorative elements for the garden. We designed forty body pillows that were present at the garden during the whole program, for users to intectarc with the space and the seven “figures”.
Users were able to grab the pillows and attach them to their bodies to walk around, lay underneath the figures, explore and immerse themselves in the garden in an intimate way.

100% raw wool. Handwoven in Oaxaca. Organic cotton backing.